Bernoulli, Jean

Born: Jul 27, 1667 AD
Died: 1748 AD, at 80 years of age.

Nationality: Swiss
Categories: Mathematicians

1667 - Born on the 27th of July in Basel, Switzerland.

         - Bernoulli was hired by Guillaume François Antoine de L'Hôpital to tutor him in mathematics.

         - Bernoulli and L'Hôpital signed a contract which gave L'Hôpital the right to use Bernoulli’s discoveries as he pleased.

1691 - John Bernoulli again fueled the tensions between himself and his brother when he solved the problem of the catenary presented by Jakob.

1694 - He discovered L'Hopital's rule.

         - John Bernoulli married Drothea Falkner and soon after accepted a position as the professor of mathematics at the University of Groningen.

1696 - John Bernoulli proposed the problem of the brachinstochrone, despite already knowing the answer.

1784 - Johann Bernoulli died on the 1st of January in Basel, Switzerland.




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