Berliner, Robert William

Born: 1915 AD
Died: 2002 AD, at 87 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Physiologist

1916 - Born in New York. A renowned renal physiologist Dr. Robert W. Berliner, emeritus professor of cellular and molecular physiology and a former dean of the School of Medicine.

         - Berliner received his M.D. degree from Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons.

1947 - He became an assistant professor of medicine at Columbia University.

1954 - Dr. Berliner served as director of intramural research of the National Heart Institute.

1969 - He became Deputy Director of Science at the National Institutes of Health.

1973 - He was appointed Dean of the Yale School of Medicine and Professor of Physiology and Medicine.

         - Dr. Berliner was a member of the National Academy of Sciences and received honorary Doctor of Science degrees from Yale and the Medical College of Wisconsin.

1984 - He retire to from his post as Dean of Yale School of Medicine.

         - His activities have also included serving as director of the Pew Scholars Program in the Biomedical Sciences.

2002 - Died on February 5th at the age of 86.
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