Bergman, Ernst Ingmar

Born: Jul 14, 1918 AD
Currently alive, at 97 years of age.

Nationality: Swedish
Categories: Director

1918 - Born on the 14th of July in Uppsala, Sweden.

       - Finished High School at Palmgren's School, Stockholm, Sweden.

1934 - At the age of 16, he was sent to spend the summer vacation with family friends in Germany. It is believed that he attended a Nazi rally in Weimar at which he saw Adolf Hitler.

1943 - Studied college at University of Stockholm in Sweden.
       - A trainee director in the Stockholm theatre, he began his film career.

1953 - He began working with Sven Nykvist, his cinematographer.

1957 - Directed the film Wild "Strawberries" and "The Seventh Seal".

1959 - Won the Golden Globe Best Foreign Film "Wild Strawberries".

1960 - Received Golden Globe Best Foreign Film "The Virgin Spring".

1961 - He directed "Through a Glass Darkly".

1966 - Directed Persona on 18th of October.

1972 - He directed "The Cries and Whispers".

1974 - Golden Globe Best Foreign Film "Scenes From a Marriage".

1976 - Awarded the Golden Globe Best Foreign Film "Face to Face".

1977 - Directed the film, "The Serpent's Egg".

1978 - He won the Golden Globe Best Foreign Film "Autumn Sonata".

1983 - Golden Globe Best Foreign Film awardee in "Fanny and Alexander".

2003 - He directed a new film "Saraband" that represents a departure from his previous works.

2004 - He announced his retirement from the stage at the age of 86.

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