Benedict X

Born: 10XX AD
Currently alive.

Nationality: Unknown
Categories: Popes

         - Benedict X was born John Mincius.

1058 - He was elected, his election having been arranged by the Count of Tusculum. However, a number of Cardinals alleged that the election was irregular, and that votes had been bought; these cardinals were forced to flee Rome.

         - Hildebrand, later Pope Gregory VII, had been sent by the late Pope Stephen IX to the court of Empress Agnes, who had questioned the validity of Stephen IX's election.

1059 - An initial battle was fought in Campagna, which was not wholly successful for Nicholas II; but later that same year, his forces conquered Praeneste, Tusculum and Numentanum, and then attacked Galeria, forcing Benedict X to surrender and renounce the Papacy.

1060 - Benedict X was then allowed to go free, and he retired to one of his family estates; but Hildebrand then had him imprisoned in the hospice of St. Agnese.

1073-1080 - Benedict X died in the prisoner.

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