Beebe, Charles William

Born: Jul 29, 1877 AD
Died: 1962 AD, at 84 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Explorer, Naturalists

American naturalist, explorer, and author


1877 - Born on the 29th of July in Brooklyn, New York.


1899-1852 - Became curator of ornithology for the New York Zoological Society.


1905-1918 - Wrote the book Two Bird-Lovers in Mexico (1905); The Bird (1906); The Log of the Sun (1906);

Our Search for a Wilderness (1910); Tropical Wild Life (1917); Jungle Peace (1918).


1919 - Director of the Department of Tropical Research.


1918-1922 - Wrote his magnificent A Monograph of the Pheasants.


1921-1928 - Edge of the Jungle (1921); Galápagos: World's End (1924): Jungle Days (1925); The Arcturus Adventure (1926); Pheasants, Their Lives and Homes (1926); Pheasant Jungles (1927); Beneath Tropic Seas (1928).


1930 - He descended 183m (600 ft.) off Nonsuch Island in Bermuda.


1932 - Wrote Nonsuch: Land of Water (1932); Exploring with Beebe (1932); Field Book of the Shore Fishes of Bermuda (1933).


1934 - He made a record descent of 923m (3,028 ft.). Beebe made a total of 35 dives in the bathysphere.


1938 - Author of the book Zaca Venture (1938); Book of Bays (1947); High Jungle (1949); The Edge of the

Jungle (1950); Unseen Life of New York (1953); Half Mile Down (1951); and Adventuring with Beebe (1955).


1942 - Set up a camp for jungle studies at Caripito, Venezuela.


1950 - At the age of seventy three, he bought 228 acres (92 hectares) of land in the Arima Valley which he named "Simla".


         - The land became the New York Zoological Society's Tropical Research Station in Trinidad.


1962 - He died on 4th of July.


"To be a Naturalist is better than to be a King."





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