Becker, Lydia Ernestine

Born: Feb 24, 1827 AD
Died: 1890 AD, at 63 years of age.

Nationality: English
Categories: Civil Rights Leader

1827 - Born in Manchester on the 24th of February.

         - Becker differed from many early feminists in her disputation of essentialized femininity.

         - Argued that there was no natural difference between the intellect of men and women.

         - Becker was a vocal advocate of a non-gendered educational system in Britain.

1864 - Botany for Novices: A Short Outline of the Natural System of Classification of Plants

1867 - "Female Suffrage" in The Contemporary Review

1868 - "Is there any Specific Distinction between Male and Female Intellect?" in Englishwoman's Review of Social and Industrial Questions

1869 - "On the Study of Science by Women" in The Contemporary Review

1870 - Established the Women's Suffrage Journal.

1872 - "The Political Disabilities of Women" in The Westminster Review

1887 - She was elected leader of the NUWSS.

1890 - Born on the 18th of July.


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