Beaumont, Hugh

Born: 1908 AD
Died: 1973 AD, at 65 years of age.

Nationality: British
Categories: Director

British theatre manager.


1936 - First production at the Queen's Theatre was a failure.


1941 - Tennent died and leaving Beaumont as managing director and the sole man in charge.


1950-1973 - Beaumont served as Governor of Shakespeare Memorial Theatre.


1956 - On the 8th of May John Osborne's play Look Back in Anger premiered at the Royal Court Theatre in London.


1960 - His operation dominated West End theatre it was by far the largest and most important production company in London.


1963 - He had a close association with the National Theatre, being one of the founder members of the board.


1973 - Continued to run his own production company right until his death at the age of 64.




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