Bayle, Pierre

Born: Nov 18, 1647 AD
Died: 1706 AD, at 59 years of age.

Nationality: French
Categories: Critics, Philosophers

Pierre Bayle was a French philosopher, skeptic, and writer.


1647 - Born 18th of November in Carla-le-Comte, near Pamiers.


1696 - Entered in Jesuit College at Toulouse and became a Roman Catholic.


1670 - Returned to Calvinism, fleeing to Geneva to avoid persecution.


Became acquainted with the teachings of René Descartes.


1681 - Appointed professor of philosophy and history at the Ecole Illustre in Rotterdam.


1682 - Published his famous Pensées diverses sur la comète de 1680.


1684 - Bayle began the publication of his Nouvelles de la république des lettres, a journal of literary criticism.


1690 - Appeared a work entitled Avis important aux refugies.


1706 - He died 28th of December in exile at Rotterdam.


1906 - A statue in his honour was erected at Pamiers, "la reparation d'un long oubli."




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