Bathurst, Henry

Born: May 20, 1714 AD
Died: 1794 AD, at 80 years of age.

Nationality: British
Categories: Politician

1714 - Born on May 20th in Westminster, London, England. A statesman, eldest surviving son of the 1st Earl Bathurst.

         - Henry Bathurst, 2nd Earl Bathurst was the eldest surviving son of the 1st Earl.

1735 - Elected member of parliament for Cirencester, and was rewarded for his opposition to the government.

         - As member of Parliament for Cirencester, he was at first in opposition, as a supporter of Frederick, Prince of Wales.

1745 - Educated at Balliol College, Oxford, Bathurst was called to the bar and became king's counsel.

1751 - Bathurst joined the supporters of Henry Pelham.

1754 - Bathurst was appointed judge of the Court of Common Pleas.

1771 - His appointment as lord chancellor, when he was made Baron of Apsley, was unexpected, and he proved incompetent.

1775 - He inherited the title, 2rd Earl, Baron Bathurst Of Battlesden, Lord Apsley, Baron Of Apsley, from his father as the eldest surviving son.

1778 - His loyalty to Lord North led him to resign, somewhat unwillingly, to make room for Edward Thurlow, 1st Baron Thurlow, as lord chancellor in North's cabinet.

1779-1782 - He was the lord president of the council.

1794 - Died on August 6th in Oakley Grove, near Cirencester, Gloucestershire, England.

         - He was a weak Lord Chancellor, but appears to have been just and fair in his distribution of patronage.
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