Bassi, Ugo

Born: 1800 AD
Died: 1849 AD, at 49 years of age.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Clergymen, Orators, Patriot

1800 - Ugo Bassi is an Italian clergyman, orator, and patriot was born at Cento, Italy.


1833 - Returned to Rome, where he led a life of study and devotion, and entered into ministry.


1848 - Outbreak of revolutionary movements Bassi filled with national enthusiasm joined Gene.

        - Followed Guidotti's volunteers against the Austrians, he received three wounds, delighted to shed his blood for Italy.


Bassi said: "I am guilty of no crime save that of being an Italian like yourself. I have risked my life for Italy, and your duty is to do good to those who have suffered for her."


1849 - Bassi shot and died on the 8th of August.


Bassi is one of the most beautiful figures of the Italian revolution, a gentle unselfish soul, who, although unusually gifted and accomplished, had an almost childlike nature.


His execution excited a feeling of horror all over Italy.




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