Bartlett, Josiah

Born: Nov 21, 1729 AD
Died: 1795 AD, at 65 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Lawyers, Physicians, Politician

1729 - Josiah Bartlett was born 21st of November in Amesbury, Massachusetts.


1745 - Began the study of medicine, working in the office of Dr. Ordway of Amesbury.


1765 - Bartlett was elected to the colonial assembly.


1767 - Became the colonel of his county's militia and Governor John Wentworth appointed him justice of the peace.


1754 - Married Mary Bartlett of Newton, New Hampshire.


1774 - Joined the Assembly's Committee of Correspondence.


1775 - Bartlett was selected as delegates to the Continental Congress.


1777 - He declined a return to the congress, citing fatigue due to earlier efforts.


1776 - Signer of Declaration of Independence as delegate from New Hampshire.


1778-1779 - New Hampshire delegate to Continental Congress.


1782 - Appointed to the New Hampshire Supreme Court in spite of not being a lawyer.


1788 - Bartlett was made the Chief Justice of the state's supreme court.


1790-1792 - He was appointed as President of New Hampshire.


1793-1794 - Served as 1st Governor of New Hampshire.


1795 - Retired to his home in Kingston, and died there on 19th of May.




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