Bartholin, Erasmus

Born: Aug 13, 1625 AD
Died: 1698 AD, at 73 years of age.

Nationality: Danish
Categories: Physicians, Physicists

1625 - Rasmus Bartholin is a Danish physicist and physician was born 13th of August.


1642-47 - He entered the University of Copenhagen and receiving his B.A.(1644) and finished M.A.(1647).


1645 - Studied mathematics at the University of Leiden.


1651 - Bartholin studied at a number of places including Padua from where he received a medical degree.


1656 - Professor at Copenhagen University, first in Geometry, later in Medicine.


1657 - He wrote The study of the Danish language.


1660 - Authored the The shape of snow.


1963-1972 - He authored The pores of bodies (1663); On Cartesian physics (1664); On nature (1666); On judgement and memory (1667); On experiment (1668); On physical hypotheses (1669); On the shape of bodies (1671); and Secrets of the sciences (1673).


1664-1674 - Produced a book Dissertatio de problematibus geometricis.


1664-1665 - Made astronomical observations.


1665 - He published his descriptions of these events in De cometis anni 1664 et 1665 opusculum.


1667 - Bartholin was appointed Royal Mathematician.


1669 - Discovered the double refraction of a light ray by Iceland spar (calcite).


1671 - Bartholin was appointed to an ordinary chair of medicine at Copenhagen


1698 - Rasmus Bartholin died on the 4th of November.


Bartholin is also famed for his medical work, in particular his introduction of quinine in the fight against malaria.


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