Barros [Luco], Ramon

Born: Jun 09, 1835 AD
Died: 1919 AD, at 84 years of age.

Nationality: Chilean
Categories: Politician, Presidents

1835 - Ramón Barros Luco was born 10th of September in Santiago, Chile.


1858 - He graduated from Law School.


1861 - Barros Luco was elected deputy.


1870 - He had a post as a lower house congressperson.


1891 - Ramón Barros Luco  became the President lower house.


1911-1915 - Ramón Barros Luco  was President of Chile.


1919 - Ramón Barros Luco died in Santiago, Chile.


His motto during his presidency was "99% of problems will solve themselves, and the remaining 1% cannot be solved" (Spanish: "El 99% de los problemas se resuelven solos y el 1% restante no tiene solución").




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