Barres, [Auguste] Maurice

Born: Sep 22, 1862 AD
Died: 1923 AD, at 61 years of age.

Nationality: French
Categories: Novelists, Politicial Adviser

Maurice Barrès was a French novelist, right-wing politician, anti-semite, agitator, journalist.


1862 - Maurice Barrès was born 22nd of September at Charmes-sur-Moselle, Vosges.


1888-1891 - He wrote Sous l'œil des barbares, the first volume of a trilogie du moi (also called Le Culte du moi

or The Cult of the Ego), completed by Un Homme libre (1889), and Le Jardin de Bérénice (1891). Barrès divided

the world into moi (myself) and the barbarians.


1889 - Barrès directed a Boulangist paper at Nancy, and was elected deputy.


1892 - He supplemented these apologies for individualism with L'Ennemi des lois.


1894 - The Comédie Française produced his play Une Journée parlementaire.


1897 - Barrès began his trilogy, Le Roman de l'énergie nationale, with the publication of Les Déracinés.


1923 - Maurice Barrès died on the 4th of December.




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