Barnard, Henry

Born: Jan 24, 1811 AD
Died: 1900 AD, at 89 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Educators

1811 - Born on the 24th of January in Hartford, Conneticut.

1830 - Graduated from Yale and then studied law.

1837-1839 - As a Whig member of the Connecticut state legislature, he was instrumental in legislation that created a state board of education.

1838-1839 - Serving as secretary of that board, he founded the Connecticut Common School Journal and Annals of Education and the first teachers' institute.

1843 - He was called to Rhode Island to make a study of that state's schools.

1845 - He became the state's first commissioner of education.

1851 - He returned to his post in Connecticut as secretary of the school board.

1855 - He instituted reforms similar to those in Rhode Island, but eventually the job proved too strenuous for him, and retired.

1858-1861 - He was chancellor of the University of Wisconsin, Madison.

1866-1867 - President of St. John's College, Annapolis, Maryland.

1867 - Educator, jurist, and the first U.S. commissioner of education.

1900 - Died on the 5th of July in Hartford.

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