Bardot, Brigitte

Born: Sep 28, 1934 AD
Currently alive, at 80 years of age.

Nationality: French
Categories: Actresses, Models

1934 - Brigitte Bardot was born 28th of September in Paris, France.


1952 - She makes screen debut in Le Trou normand.         


         - Brigitte Bardot married Roger Vadim.


1956 - Bardot appears in classic film, Vadim's And God Created Woman.


1960 - Bardot released a pop music album, Inside Brigitte Bardot. 


1963 - She Worked with Jean-Luc Godard in Contempt.


1965 - Brigitte Bardot appears with Jeanne Moreau in Louis Malle's Viva Maria.


         - Appears as herself in one scene only in Dear Brigitte with James Stewart.


1973 - Brigitte Bardot retires from acting & becomes involved with various animal rights causes.


         - Bardot setting up of the Fondation Brigitte Bardot, which is a foundation dedicated to animal rights.


1996 - She wrote memoir "Initials B. B."


2004 - Brigitte Bardot faces charges with inciting racial hatred in her best-selling book un cri dans le silence (A

cry in silence) in which she expresses worries about the "infiltration" of France by Islamic extremists.


         - June 10, 2004 a French court of "inciting racial hatred" convicted Bardot.





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