Baratieri, Oreste

Born: Nov 13, 1841 AD
Died: 1901 AD, at 59 years of age.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: General

1841 - Oreste Baratieri was born 13th of November in Condino, Tyrol.


1860-1861 - Began his career as a volunteer for Giuseppe Garibaldi's Redshirts.


1866 - He joining the Italian army later fighting at the Battle of Custoza.


1887 - served in the Italian army in Africa.


1891 - Baratieri became the General.


         - Appointed commander of Italian forces in colonial Africa.


1892 -  He became governor of Eritrea.


1895 - Baratieri led a force of 20,000 men into Ethiopia.           


        - He was defeated at Amba Alagi.


1896 - He was defeated at battle of Adowa in Ethiopian War.


1901 - He died 7th of August at Sterzing-Vipiteno.




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