Bar Kokhba, Simeon

Born: 1XX? AD
Died: 135 AD.

Nationality: Israeli
Categories: Rabbi

132 - Reputedly of Davidic descent, he was hailed as the Messiah by the greatest rabbi of the time, Akiva ben Yosef, who also gave him the title Bar Kokhba (“Son of the Star”), a messianic allusion.

134 -  The Jews took Aelia by storm and badly mauled the Romans' Egyptian Legion, XXII Deiotariana. The war became so serious that in the summer, Hadrian himself came from Rome to visit the battlefield and summoned the governor of Britain, Gaius Julius Severus, to his aid with 35,000 men of the Xth Legion.

135 - He was himself killed at Betar, his stronghold in southwest Jerusalem.
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