Banzer Suarez, Hugo

Born: May 10, 1926 AD
Died: 2002 AD, at 75 years of age.

Nationality: Bolivian
Categories: Politician, Presidents

Bolivian dictator, general, and politician.


1926 - Born 10th of May in Conception, Santa Cruz Bolivia.


1960 - Suárez sent to train at the Fort Hood, Texas, Armored Cavalry School.


1964-1966 - He becomes the Bolivian education and culture minister.


1967-1969 - Served as Bolivian military attached to US.


1969 - Returned home to the prized position of director of the military academy.


1969-1971 - Director of Bolivian National Military College.


1971-1978 - Suárez served as President of Bolivia.


1971 - Arrested in August during one of his secret visits to his native Santa Cruz.


1972 - Expelled almost all Soviet diplomatic personnel for spying.


1973 - Banzer unveiled Bolivia's first five-year plan a series of economic reforms.


1974 - Suárez informed Bolivians that he had just performed an "autogolpe," or coup.


1997-2001 - He served again as the President of Bolivia.


2001 - On 6th of August, Banzer formally resigned from his position as president of Bolivia.


         - Suárez was suffering from cancer that had spread from his lungs to his liver.


2002 - Banzer died on 5th of May, at his home, in Santa Cruz, eastern Bolivia, from a heart attack.




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