Bandaranaike, Solomon West Ridgeway Dias

Born: Jan 08, 1899 AD
Died: 1959 AD, at 60 years of age.

Nationality: Sri Lankan
Categories: Politician, Prime Ministers

1899 - Born on the 8th of January in Colombo, Ceylon.


He was educated as a lawyer in England.


1931-1951 - Became active in the United National Party (UNP) and served the party in legislative and ministerial posts.


1937 - Organized the Sinhala Maha Sabha.


1951 - Led his faction, the Sinhala Maha Sabha, out of the UNP and established the Sri Lanka Freedom Party


1956 - He became prime minister after winning the 1956 elections.


1959 - Assassinated on 26th of September by Talduwe Somarama, a Buddhist monk.




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