Bancroft, Richard

Born: 1544 AD
Died: 1610 AD, at 66 years of age.

Nationality: English
Categories: Archbishops

1544 - Archbishop Richard Bancroft was born at Farnworth, Bolton in Lancashire.


1567 - Educated at Christ's College and finished his BA (Bachelor of Arts).


1570 - Entered in Jesus College and took his degree of MA (Master of Arts). 


1580 - He graduated BD (Bachelor of Divinity).


1585 - Bancroft graduated as DD (Doctor of Divinity).


1584 - He was presented to the rectory of St Andrew's, Holborn.


1585 - Appointed treasurer of St Paul's Cathedral, London.


1586 - He was made a member of the ecclesiastical commission.


1589 - Preached at Paul's Cross a sermon, the substance of which was a passionate attack on the Puritans.


1597 - Bancroft was consecrated Bishop of London.


1600 - He was sent on an embassy, with others, to Embden, for the purpose of settling certain matters in dispute between the English and the Danes.


1604-1610 - He was the archbishop of Canterbury.


1608 - Bancroft was chosen chancellor of the university of Oxford.


         - Bancroft was "the chief overseer" of the authorized version of the Bible.


         - He oversaw translation of King James Bible.


1610 - He died at Lambeth Palace on the 2nd of November.




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