Balladur, Edouard

Born: May 02, 1929 AD
Currently alive, at 86 years of age.

Nationality: French
Categories: Politician, Prime Ministers

1929 - Born on the 2nd of May in Smyrna, Turkey.

1953-1957 - Studied in l'École Nationale d' Administration.


1957 - Married Marie-Josèphe Delacour with whom he later had four sons.


1964 - Started his career as advisor to the then Prime Minister Georges Pompidou.


1968-1980 - He was president of the French company of the Mont Blanc Tunnel.


1973 - Appointed under Secretary General of the presidency.


1974 - Served as Secretary General Georges Pompidou's death.


1977-1986 - He was president of Générale de Service Informatique.


1986-1988 - Served as French finance minister.


1993 - He served as Prime Minister of France.


1995 - Ran for presidency but he did not win.


1998 - Failed to win the elections for the presidency of the Ile de France region.


2001 - He failed in mayoralty of Paris.


2002 - Balladur failed again in the presidency of the National Assembly.


He now sits as a deputy in French National Assembly for Paris, 15th arrondissement.




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