Balaguery Ricardo, Joaquin

Born: Sep 01, 1906 AD
Died: 2002 AD, at 95 years of age.

Nationality: Dominican
Categories: Politician, Presidents

Dominican Republic politician


1906 - Born on the 1st of September in Navarrete, a small town in northern Dominican Republic.


1954-1955 - He served as Dominican Republic foreign minister.


1955-1957 - Became Dominican Republic Education and Arts minister.


1957-1960 - Elected as Vice-President of Dominican Republic.


1966-1961 - Balaguer declared as President of Dominican Republic.


1962-1965 - He exile in US.


1963 - Founded Social Christian Reformist Party.


1966-1978 - Became the President of the Dominican Republic.


1973 - Balaguer oversaw the military defeat of a guerilla invasion by Dominican expatriates led by former Dominican National Guard Colonel Francisco A. Caamaño Deñó at Playa Caracoles, near Azua.


1986 - Returned to office for a fourth term.


1996 - Left office for the second time at age 90 and practically blind.


2000 - He ran for president again in election but placed third with 24.6% of the first-round vote.


2002 - He died on 14th of July because of heart failure; Balaguer never married and had no children.




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