Bakunin, Mikhail Alexandrovich

Born: May 18, 1814 AD
Died: 1876 AD, at 62 years of age.

Nationality: Russian
Categories: Philosophers

Well-known Russian revolutionary, and often considered one of the "fathers of modern anarchism"


1914 - Born on the 18th of May in Premukhino, Tver Province, Russia.


1832 - Finished his studies at Artillery University.


1834 - Commissioned a junior officer in the Russian Imperial Guard and sent to Minsk and Gardinas in Lithuania.


1835 - Conceived of forming a philosphical circle in his home town of Pryamukhino.


1840 - Bakunin went to Berlin.


1842 - Wrote an essay The Reaction in Germany,argued in favor of the revolutionary role of negation, summed up in the phrase.


1844 - Went to Paris, then a centre for European radicalism.


1848 - Remained on friendly terms with the German communists.


1851 - Bakunin was handed over to the Russian authorities.


1857 - Allowed to go into permanent exile in the western Siberian city of Tomsk.


1861 - Left Irkutsk under cover of company business, ostensibly employed by a Siberian merchant to make a trip to Nikolaevsk.


1862 - Joined the revolutionary leaders AleksHerzen and Nicholas Ogarev in London.


1863 - He joined a revolutionary expedition that was to aid a Polish insurrection against the Czar.


1864 - Traveled to Italy, where he first began to develop his anarchist ideas.


1867-1868 - Bakunin got the membership card of the League of Peace and Freedom.


1871 - Bakunin was a strong supporter of the Paris Commune which was brutally suppressed by the French government.


1872 - Bakunin's disagreements with Marx led him for expulsion.


1876 - Bakunin died in Bern, Switzerland, on 1st of July.


His lifelong friend Herzen once remarked about Bakunin: "This man was born not under an ordinary star, but under a comet."




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