Baffin, William

Born: 1584? AD
Died: 1622 AD.

Nationality: English
Categories: Explorer

1584 - William Baffin navigator, probably born in London, UK.


1612 - He is a pilot of the "Patience," one of the vessels that accompanied James Hall in his voyage of discovery to Greenland.


1613 - William Baffin entered the service of the Muscovy Company and became chief pilot of seven vessels, and visited the Spitzbergen coast for fishing.


1615 - He piloted the "Discovery," commanded by Robert Bylot, in her search for the Northwest Passage.


1616 - Sailed with the "Discovery," passed up through Davis Strait, reaching as far as 78° N. latitude, and cruised around the open sea now known as Baffin's bay.


1617-1620 - Joined the East India Company and made voyages to the east under Captain Shilling.


1621 - His final voyage was made as master of the " London ", sent out for the purpose of driving the Portuguese from Ormuz.


1622 - He received his death-wound and died, 23rd of January.





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