Badoglio, Pietro

Born: Sep 28, 1871 AD
Died: 1956 AD, at 85 years of age.

Nationality: Italian
Categories: Governor General, Politician

1871 - Born on the 28th of September in Grazzano Monferrato.


1890 - Graduated from military academy.


1895-1898 - Served his first campaign in Africa.


1906 - Attached to the general staff in Rome as a captain.


1911-1912 - Gained battlefield promotion to major in the Libyan campaign he became a lieutenant colonel of the general staff.


1916 - Badoglio brilliantly broke through the Austrian lines conquered Mount Sabotino (Gorizia).


1919 - Became senator and chief of army staff.


1924 - Appointed as ambassador to Brazil.


1926 - Chief of General Staff.


1929 - He was ennobled as the Marchese of Sabotino and was awarded the highest Italian honor, the Collar of the Annunziata.


1935 - Mussolini hastily appointed Badoglio supreme commissar, and he achieved a rapid, total victory in 1936.


1943 - Appointed the 72-year-old Badoglio prime minister with a mandate to end the war.


1944 - He held power precariously and only through Allied support, which ceased with Rome's liberation


1956 - He died 1st of November in Grazzano Monferrato.






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