Badham, John MacDonald

Born: Aug 25, 1939 AD
Currently alive, at 76 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Director

1939 - Born on the 25th of August in England, became a naturalized American citizen at the age of seven.


He attended Indian Springs School in Alabama and college at Yale University.


1974 - It was his handling of the docudrama The Gun that won Badham his first theatrical-feature assignment.


1977 - Worked for television for years before his breakthrough with Saturday Night Fever.


1984 - The director's striking visual sense and innate gift for montage has served him well in such nailbiters as Blue Thunder and Wargames.


1984 - Formed his own production firm, Great American Picture Show Company.


1985 - American Flyers.


1987 - His comedy film witness Stakeout.


1989-1999 - Directed the movie Bird on a Wire, (1991)Point of no Return, (1994)Drop Zone, (1995)Nick of Time, (1997)Incognito, (1999)The Jack Bull.




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