Baburen, Dirck van

Born: 1590? AD
Died: 1624 AD.

Nationality: Dutch
Categories: Painters

Teodoer van Baburen is a Dutch painter of religious works, history pieces and genre scenes.


1595 - Van Baburen was born in Utrecht.


1612 - Traveled to Rome, where his style became strongly influenced by the work of the Italian painter Caravaggio, whose dramatic contrasts between light and dark he found particularly fascinating.


1620 - Returned to Utrecht, where he shared a studio with Hendrick Ter Brugghen,


1622 - Baburen was especially fond of genre scenes (subjects from everyday life), such as his best-known work, The Procuress. This picture is seen in the background of two paintings by Vermeer, whose mother-in-law apparently owned it.


1624 - Van Baburen died 21st of February in Utrecht.


Mostly he painted  religious subjects, Baburen also created scenes of ordinary life on occasion.


His Procuress of 1622 was  admired a lot, fifty years later that the great Dutch master, Vermeer, included it in the background of several of his portraits and pictures.




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