Aylwin Azocar, Patricio

Born: Nov 26, 1918 AD
Currently alive, at 96 years of age.

Nationality: Chilean
Categories: Head of State

1918 - Born on the 26th of November in Vina Del Mar, Chile.

1943 - An excellent student, he enrolled in the Law School of the University of Chile where he became a lawyer, with the highest distinction.

1945 - His involvement in politics started, when he joined the Falange Nacional.

1958-1989 - He was elected president of the Falange and when that party became the Christian Democrats, he served seven terms as its president.

1965 - He was elected to the National Congress as senator.

1971 - He became the president of the Senate.

1973 - He is credited, in some measure, with trying to find a peaceful solution to the country’s political crisis.

1976 - He was president of the Christian Democrats.

1979 - He served as a spokesman in the group that opposed the plebiscite that approved a new constitution.

1982 - He led his party during one of the most difficult eras in Chilean history.

       - He was elected vice president of the Christian Democrats.

1989 - He was elected president of the Republic on December.

1994 - He has continued his lifelong commitment to promoting justice.

1995 - He was the catalyst for a United Nations summit on poverty.

1997 - The Council of Europe awarded the North-South Prize to Patricio Aylwin and to Mary Robinson, former president of Ireland, for their contributions to fostering human rights, democracy, and cooperation between Europe and Latin America.
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