Ibn Sina

Born: 980 AD
Died: 1037 AD, at 57 years of age.

Nationality: Persian
Categories: Physicians, Scientist

980 - Ibn Sina was born in the village of Afshana near Bukhara which today is located in the far south of Russia. His father, Abdullah, an adherent of the Ismaili sect, was from Balkh and his mother from a village near Bukhara.

997 - He turned his attention to Medicine at the age of 17 years and found it, in his own words, "not difficult".

      - His first appointment was that of physician to the emir, who owed him his recovery from a dangerous illness.

998 - By the age of 18 he had built up a reputation as a physician and was summoned to attend the Samani ruler Nuh ibn Mansur, who in gratitude for Ibn Sina's services, allowed him to make free use of the royal library, which contained many rare and even unique books.

1002 - When he was 22 years old, he lost his father.

1004 - The Samanid dynasty came to its end in December.

1037 - He died in June, in his fifty-eighth year, and was buried in Hamedan, Iran.

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