Williams, Steve James Anderson

Born: Dec 18, 1964 AD
Currently alive, at 50 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Actors

1964 - Born on December 18th in Victoria, Texas. American actor and professional wrestler.

         - He is best known for establishing the "anti-authority" tweener and "Boss vs. Employee" storyline, which has been used in some variation by numerous wrestlers like The Rock, John Cena and Shawn Michaels. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest wrestlers in the history of professional wrestling.

1989 - Aafter developing a serious interest in professional wrestling, Williams joined a new wrestling school in Dallas.

1990 - He joined the United States Wrestling Association and had his first professional match.

1991 - Dropped his good guy persona and taken on a new name—“Stunning” Steve Austin—he made his World Championship Wrestling (WCW) debut.

1992 - Married to Kathryn Burrhus on November 24th.

1992 - Married to Jeanni Clark on December 18th.

1995 - Has had problems with his right knee when he injured it.

1996 - The WWF King of the Ring.

         - Debuted in The WWE as The Ringmaster.

1997 - Austin won by DQ against Bret when the Hart Foundation interfered while Austin had Bret trapped in Bret's own signature submission move, the Sharpshooter.

1998 - Won first WWF title on March 29th by defeating "The Heartbreak Kid", Shawn Michaels.

         - He achieved the ultimate career goal, the WWF World Title on 3 occasions and another Tag-Team Title reign with The Undertaker.

2000 - Married to Debra McMichael on September 13th.

2002 - Steve walked out on the WWF and did not show up for the scheduled Raw taping in Montreal.

2003 - Was "fired" from his job as co-general manager of RAW, but expected to be back in time for Wrestlemania XX.

2005 - Starred in Adam Sandler's adaption of The Longest Yard.
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