Aurobindo Ghose, Sri

Born: Aug 15, 1872 AD
Died: 1950 AD, at 78 years of age.

Nationality: Indian
Categories: Nationalist

1872 - Born on the 15th of August in Kolkata, India.

1905-1912 - He became a leader of the group of Indian nationalists known as the Extremists for their willingness to use violence and advocate outright independence, a plank more moderate nationalists had shied away from up to that point.

1907 - Attended a convention of Indian nationalists where he was seen as the new leader of the movement.

1914 - After four years of concentrated yoga at Pondicherry, Sri Aurobindo launched Arya, a 64 page monthly review.

1914-1920 - His theory of the inner spiritual significance of the Vedas originally appeared serially in the journal Arya.

1928 - He wrote a small book entitled The Mother which was published as a kind of "instruction manual" for the practice of the Integral Yoga.

1950 - Died on the 5th of December.
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