Asperger, Hans

Born: Feb 18, 1906 AD
Died: 1980 AD, at 74 years of age.

Nationality: Australian
Categories: None

1906 - Born on a farm outside Vienna on the 18th of February.

1920 - He was a member in the youth movements.

1931 - He earned his medical doctorate, and found his first job a year later as a member of the university children's clinic.

1934 - His career developed with a move to the psychiatric hospital in Leipzig.

1944 - His landmark paper describing autistic symptoms, he found a permanent tenured post at the University of Vienna.


         - Diagnosed Asperger's syndrome.


1964 - He headed the SOS-Kinderdorf in Hinterbrühl.

1980 - Died on the 21st of October.

1990 - Dr. Asperger's findings were ignored and disregarded in the English-speaking world in his lifetime. Finally, his findings began to gain notice, and nowadays Asperger's Syndrome is recognized as a condition in a large part of the world.


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