Arteaga Serrano Rosalia

Born: Dec 05, 1956 AD
Currently alive, at 58 years of age.

Nationality: Ecuadorian
Categories: Lawyers, Politician

1956 - Born in Cuenca, Ecuador on the 5th of December.

1996 - She became Vice President, following the election of Abdalá Bucaram as President.

1997 - On the 6th of February, however, President Bucaram was declared unfit to govern by Congress.

         - On the 9th of February, however, Arteaga, who had insisted as vice-president she should become president, was sworn in instead as Ecuador's first female president.

         - On the 11th of February, with the support of Congress and the army, Alarcon was sworn in again and Arteaga resigned.

         - Arteaga is currently secretary-general of the Amazon Cooperation Treaty Organization, and a member of the editorial board of the Encyclopædia Britannica.
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