Anderson, Marian

Born: Feb 27, 1897 AD
Died: 1993 AD, at 96 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Singer

1897 – She was born on the 27th day of February this year in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA.


1921 – She joined a junior church choir at the age of six, and applied to an all-white music school after her graduation from high school.


1925 - She debuted with the New York Philharmonic and scored an immediate success, also with the critics.


1928 - She sang for the first time at Carnegie Hall.


1930 – She did not encounter certain racial prejudices she had experienced in America.


1935 - Sol Hurok took over as her manager and was with her for the rest of her performing career.


1939 – Was her best remembered performance on Easter Sunday, 1939 on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C.


1943 - She sang at the invitation of the DAR to an integrated audience at Constitution Hall as part of a benefit for the American Red Cross


1955 – She  broke the color barrier by becoming the first African-American to perform with the New York Metropolitan Opera.


1958 - she was officially designated delegate to the United Nations, a formalization of her role as "goodwill ambassador" of the U.S. she played earlier.


1965 - She retired from singing this year. However, she continued to appear publicly, narrating Aaron Copland's Lincoln Portrait, including a performance with the Philadelphia Orchestra.


1972- She was awarded the UN Peace Prize.


1991 - Her achievements were recognized and honored with many prizes, including a Grammy Award for Lifetime Achievement.


1993 – She died on the 8th day of April this year in Portland, Oregon, USA.


2005 – She was received an honor as a part of the Black Heritage series. commemorative Anderson is also pictured on the US US$5,000 Series I United States Savings Bond.
























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