Andersen Nexo, Martin

Born: Jun 25, 1869 AD
Died: 1954 AD, at 84 years of age.

Nationality: Danish
Categories: Novelists

1869 - Born on June 26th in Copenhagen, Denmark. Danish writer, first rate social realist, whose novels depicted the oppressed life of the poor and helped to raise social consciousness.

1894-1896 - He traveled in Spain and Italy, where he was an apprentice to a cobbler.

         - He worked as a hod-carrier and general laborer.

1897 - Studied at the Askov Folk High School, Nexø graduated as a teacher and found work at a Gruntvigian folk school in Odense.

1898 - His first collection of stories, Skygger, dealt with the world of the destitute.

1901 - With the modest success of Familien Frank, he gave up teaching and devoted himself entirely to writing.

1906-1910 - His breakthrough work, Pelle Eroberen (4 vols.), which appeared, has been regarded as a Danish classic.

1920 - His other major work is Ditte Mennskebarn (Ditte, Daughter of Man).

1922 - After a trip to the Soviet Union, he joined the Communist Party.

1923-1930 - Nexø lived in Germany.

         - Wrote the Midt I En JÆrtind was a satire on the economic corruption during the trade boom of World War I.

1945-1957 - Among Nexø's later works is the unfinished Morten Hin Rode, in which Morten, a childhood friend of Pelle, remains true to the revolutionary ideals of his class, while social democrats like Pelle have adopted bourgeois values.

         - Nexø settled in the German Democratic Republic.

1954 - Died on June 1st in Dresden, East Germany.
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