Slutzki, Meir

Born: Mar 17, 1921 AD
Currently alive, at 94 years of age.

Nationality: Israeli
Categories: Administrator, Spies

1921 - Born on March 17th in Tiberias, Israel. Israeli espionage administrator. 1940 - Served in “The Watchmen Corps”. 1947 - Fought in the battles of Mishmar HaEmek and Emek Yisrael. 1950 - He was the Commander of the “Golani” Brigade. 1954-1958 - Became the Head of Military Intelligence and General of Southern Command. 1961 - Was the Major General at the head of IDF Intelligence. 1962 - He succeeded Chaim Herzog as the director of Aman. 1963 - He replaced Isser Harel as director of Shin Bet and the Mossad. At first Amit was not accepted by Mossad operatives loyal to Harel, but after a shaky start, marked by some lack of cooperation and trust, he asserted his leadership over the organization.          - Meir Amit consulted a great number of military men in order to spell out Mossad objectives, and ask what they felt would be the Mossad's most valuable contribution to Israeli security. 1967 - One of his successes had a decisive impact on the outcome of the Six Day War in June - the stealing of a Soviet MiG-21.
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