Amdahl, Eugene Myron

Born: Nov 16, 1922 AD
Currently alive, at 92 years of age.

Nationality: Norwegian
Categories: Computer Architect

1948 - Received his B.S. in Engineering Physics from South Dakota State University.


1952 - Earned his Ph.D. in Theoretical Physics from the University of Wisconsin.


1970 - Dr. Amdahl left IBM Corporation to create more innovative mainframe computers. 


1979 - He became Amdahl's Chairman Emeritus and a consultant to the company. He was the founder and eponym of Amdahl Corporation.


1980 - He retired from Amdahl in August. 


        - Co-founded Trilogy Systems Corporation to produce fault tolerant wafer-scale chips and a high-performance CPU.


1987 - Andor International, Ltd. was founded by Dr. Amdahl in 1987 to continue innovations in technology. 


1994 - Dr. Amdahl co-founded Commercial Data Services, Inc. (CDS). CDS is a development stage company with plans to design a computer with the power and functionality of traditional mainframe at a comparable size and serviceability of smaller personal computers and network servers. 


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