Alma-Tadema, Lawrence, Sir

Born: Jan 08, 1836 AD
Died: 1912 AD, at 76 years of age.

Nationality: Dutch
Categories: Painters

1836 - Sir Lawrence Alma-Tadema was born in Dronrijp on the 8th of January.


1852 - He entered the academy.


1859 - He assisted Leys in the hall of the hotel de ville at Antwerp.


1861 - His first great success was a picture of The Education of the Children of Clovis.


1863 - He painted Egyptians 3000 Years Ago. He married Marie-Pauline Gressin de Boisgirard.


1864 - He was awarded medals at the Paris Salon.


1867 - He was awarded medals at the Exposition Universelle.


1869 - He sent from Brussels to the Royal Academy two pictures, Un Amateur romain and Une Danse pyrrhique.


1870 - He returned to London with his three pictures including Un Jongleur.


1873 - He became a naturalized British.


1872 - He received a gold medal at Berlin.


1874 - He received a grand medal at Berlin.


1876 - He became an associate of the Royal Academy.


1879 - He became a Royal Academician.


1889 - He received a first class medal at the Paris Internation Exhibitions and became a member of the Royal Society of Watercolors.


1899 - He was knighted on the occasion of Queen Victoria's eighty-first birthday.


1900 - He received a first class medal at the Paris Internation Exhibitions.


1907 - He was included in the Order of Merit.


1912 - He died on the 25th of June.

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