Allen, William McPherson

Born: Sep 01, 1900 AD
Died: 1985 AD, at 85 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Business Executives

1900 - Allen was born in Lolo, Montana on September 1, 1900.


1925 - Attended and graduated from Harvard law School.


1927 - Married Dorothy Dixon.


1930 - Joined the Boeing Board of Directors and became legal counsel while still working for the law firm.


1945 - Became the President of the Boeing Company on March 23, 1945 after being the legal counsel for twenty years.


1954 - Devoted to develop a jet airliner and an air refueling tanker, the Boeing 707. He produced the famed B-47 and B-52 strategic bombers for the US Air Force.


1968 - Resigned as the president and became Chairman of the Board.


1970 - He was diagnosed with the Alzheimer's disease.


1975 - Allen was inducted to Fortune Magazine's Hall of Fame.


1985 - Died on October 29, 1985.

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