Allen, Peter

Born: Feb 10, 1944 AD
Died: 1992 AD, at 48 years of age.

Nationality: Australian
Categories: Singer, Songwriter

1944 - Allen was born in New South Wales, Australia on February 10, 1944.


1956 - Supported his family by singing in local pubs at the age of twelve.


1959 - Went to Sydney for a greener pasture and met singer Chris Ball.


1964 - While on a tour, he met Judy Garland and her husband. He became close to the Garland family.


1967 - Married Liza Minnelli, Garland's daughter.


1974 - Wrote the song entitled I Honestly Love You which was sang by John Newton.


1981 - Won a Grammy and an Oscar on Arthur's Theme for the song entitled Best That You Can Do.


1988 - Collaborated with Harvey Fierstein and Charles Suppon to create the ambitious Broadway musical flop "Legs Diamond."


1992 - Died of an AIDS-related cancer on June 18, 1922.

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