Ali Bogra, Muhammad

Born: 1909 AD
Died: 1963 AD, at 54 years of age.

Nationality: Pakistani
Categories: Prime Ministers

1909 - He was born in Bogra, East Bengal.


1937 - He was elected to the Bengal Legislative Assembly.


1943 - He became parliamentary secretary to Khawaja Nazimuddin and then Chief Minister of Bengal.


1946 - He became Finance and Health Minister of the province.


1948 - He was appointed as Ambassador to Burma.


1949 - He was appointed as High Commisioner to Canada.


1952 - He was appointed as Ambassador to USA.


1953 - He was appointed as Prime Minister by Ghulam Muhammad on April 1953.


1954 - He was invited to form a new cabinet call "ministry of all talents".


1955 - He was replaced by Chaudhary Muhammad Ali on August 1955 after the second constituent Assembly was elected.


1962 - He became the foreign minister of Pakistan.


1963 - He died and buried in Bogra.

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