Taro, Akebono

Born: May 08, 1969 AD
Currently alive, at 46 years of age.

Nationality: American
Categories: Sumo Wrestler

1969 - Born Chad George Rowan in Hawaii on May 8, 1969.


1988 - Entered the world of sumo wrestling and rose rapidly through the ranks, equalling the record for the most consecutive kachikoshi.


1990 - Promoted to the rank of Juryo in March and to Makuuchi in September.


1992 - Promoted to the rank of Ozeki.


1998 - Represented Japan in the 1998 Winter Olympics that took place in Nagano.


2000 - Won his eleventh top division title in November wherein he suffered another injury.


2001 - Announced his retirement as a sumo, he was one of the few Yokozuna to make his final competitive appearance in the ring as a championship winner. Became a member of the Japan Sumo Association as Akebono oyakata.


2003 - Entered a new career as a K-1 fighter in Japan.


2005 - Appeared in WrestleMania 21 in which he agreed to fight The Big Show. He defeated Big Show in a minute and a half match.

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