Aiken, Frank

Born: Feb 13, 1898 AD
Died: 1983 AD, at 85 years of age.

Nationality: Irish
Categories: Politician

1898 - Frank Aiken was born in Camlough, Armagh on February 13, 1898.


1914 - He joined the Irish Volunteers.


1923 - Aiken was first elected to Dail Eireann. He succeeded Liam Lynch as IRA Chief of Staff on March 1923 and issued the case fire and dump arms orders on May 24, 1923.


1925 - He remained as a Chief of Staff of the IRA until November 12, 1925.


1932-1939 - He served as Minister for Defence.


1943-1945 - He served as Minister for Co-Ordination of Defensive Measures.


1945-1948 - He served as MInister for Finance.


1951-1954 & 1957-1969 - He served as Minister for External Affairs.


1965-1969 - Aiken served as Tanaiste of Ireland.


1969 - Aiken retired from Ministrial office and as Tanaiste.


1973 - He retired from politics due to the fact that Charles Haughey was allowed to run as a Fianna Fail candidate in the general election.


1983 - He died in Dublin on May 18, 1983 from the natural causes and buried in his native Camlough, Country Armagh, Northern Ireland.

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