Ahlfors, Lars Valerian

Born: Apr 18, 1907 AD
Died: 1996 AD, at 89 years of age.

Nationality: Finnish
Categories: Mathematicians

1907 - Born on the 18th of April in Helsinki, Finland.

1924 - He
studied at Helsinki University, Finland.

1928 - He graduated,
having studied under Ernst Lindelof and Rolf Nevanlinna.

1929 - He assisted Nevanlinna with his work on Denjoy's conjecture.

       - He was appointed lecturer in mathematics at the Abo Akademi (in Turku).

1930 - He completed his doctorate.

1935 - He
went to Harvard University, USA.

1936 -
He was one of the first two people to be awarded the Fields Medal.

1938 - He returned to Finland to take up a post at the University of Helsinki.

1944 - He was offered a post at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Zurich.

1945 - He
accepted a job at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology at Zurich.

1964 -
He was William Caspar Graustein Professor of Mathematics.

1968 - He was awarded the Vihuri Prize.

1977 - He returned
to work at Harvard where he remained until he retired.

1981 - He received an award the "Wolf Prize in Mathematics".

1996 - He died on the 11th of October.

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