Agrippa, Marcus Vipsanius

Born: 063 AD
Died: 012 AD.

Nationality: Roman
Categories: General

63 BC - Agrippa was born in the countryside of Rome.


45 BC - At the Battle of Munda, Agrippa served as a cavalry officer under Julius Caesar.


44 BC - Agrippa under Caesar was able to study in Apollonia, learned architecture.


42 BC - Returned to Greece and assumed command of the Macedonian legions.


41 BC - Agrippa was sent to handle the war against Lucius Antonius and Fulvia Antonia which ended in the capture of Perusia.


37 BC - Became a consul for Rome.


33 BC - Elected as Aedile, during his term he was able to make great improvements in the City of Rome.


27 BC - Agrippa was appointed as a consul for the third time under the rule of Octavian.


12 BC - Died in Campania at the age of 51.


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