Agricola, Rodolphus

Born: Feb 17, 1444 AD
Died: 1485 AD, at 41 years of age.

Nationality: Dutch
Categories: Musicians, Scholars

1444 - Born Roelof Huysman in Baflo, Groningen on February 17, 1444.


1468 - Studied at the University of Pavia.


1470 - Able to teach a deaf child to communicate verbally and in writing.


1477 - Became the official organist to the Ducal Chapel.


1479 - Able to finished "De inventione dialectica (On Dialectical Invention)".


1481 - Spent six months in Brussels at the royal court of Maximilian I.


1482 - Accepted the invitation of the Bishop of Worms to have a lecture at the University of Heidelberg.


1485 - Died in Heidelberg on October 27, 1485.

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