Agesilaus II

Born: 444 AD
Died: 360 AD.

Nationality: Greek
Categories: King

444 - Agesilaus II was born in Sparta.


401 - Succeeded Agis II as King of Sparta.


396 - Agesilaus was sent to Asia with a large army to secure the Greek cities attacked by the Persians.


395 - Made a successful incursion into Lydia, took a prominent part in the Corinthian War.


389 - Conducted a campaign in Acarnania.


371 - Adviced Cleombrotus to march against Thebes, was defeated at Leuctra.


370 - Agesilaus II tried to restore Spartan supremacy by invading Mantinean.


359 - After his journey from Tachos he died on his journer going home at the age of 83.

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