Afonso I

Born: Jul 25, 1109 AD
Died: 1185 AD, at 76 years of age.

Nationality: Portuguese
Categories: King

1109 - Afonso was born in Guimaras on July 25, 1109.


1112 - Became Count of Portugal after his father's death under the guidance of his mother.


1120 - At the young age of eleven, he already had his own political ideas greatly different from his mother. This was evident, when he took the side of the Archbishop of Braga against her mother. They were both exiled. Afonso was exiled for two years under the watch of the bishop.


1122 - At the age of fourteen, he made himself a knight on his own account in the Cathedral of Zamora.


1128 - Afonso raised an army and claimed his land. He defeated the army of his mother in the Battle of Sao Mamede. Made his mother a prisoner and exiled her forever to a monastery in Leon.


1129 - Proclaimed himself Prince of Portugal on April 6, 1129.


1139 - After his successful campaigns, obtained an overwhelming victory in the Battle of Ourique, Afonso was proclaimed unanimously by his own soldiers. Assembled the first assembly of the estates-general at Lamego. He married Mafalda of Savoy and sent Ambassadors to Rome to negotiate with the Pope. During this, he built several monasteries and convents and bestowed important privileges to religious orders.


1143 - Wrote to Pope Innocent II to declare himself and the kingdom servants of the Church, bypassing the rulers of Castile and Leon declared himself the direct liegeman of the Papacy. The Treaty of Zamora was created to established peace between the cousins and Portugal must be recognized as an independent kingdom from Castile and Leon.


1179 -  Pope Alexander III acknowledged Afonso I as King and Portugal as an independent land with the right to conquer lands from the Moors.


1185 - Died in Coimbra on December 6, 1185.

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