Adler, Felix

Born: Aug 13, 1851 AD
Died: 1933 AD, at 81 years of age.

Nationality: German
Categories: Educators, Social Reformer

1851 - Felix Adler was born in Alzey, Germany on August 13, 1851.


1856 - Immigrated in United States with his family.


1870 - Graduated in Columbia University.


1873 - Returned to America and became a professor of Hebrew and Oriental Literature at Cornell University. Adler also delivered his first and only address to the Temple Emanu-El which proposed ridding the religion of its superstitious traditions called "The Judaism of the Future".


1876 - Founded the New York Society for Ethical Culture.


1891 - Founded the Summer School of Applied Ethics.


1902 - Adler was appointed as a professor of political and social ethics at Columbia University.


1904 - Became the founding chairman of the National Child Labor Committee.


1917 - Served the Civil Liberties Bureau and became the American Civil Liberties Bureau and the American Cilvil Liberties Union.


1928 - Became the president of the Eastern division of the American Philosophical Association and launched the Fieldston School.


1878 - Published the "Creed and Deed".


1885 - Created the Tenement House Building Company.


1892 - Published the "Moral Instruction of Children".


1905 - Published the "Life and Destiny".


1906 - Published the "The Religion of Duty".


1908 - Published the "Essentials of Spirituality".


1918 - Published the "An Ethical Philosophy of LIfe".


1925 - Published the "The Reconstruction of the Spiritual Ideal".


1933 - Died in New York Cuty on April 24, 1933.

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